Earl Grey Teas

Earl Grey Tea Facts 

Earl Grey tea is the most popular black tea in the world and has been for nearly 200 years. We use an Assam loose leaf black tea base and scent the leaves with just the right amount of bergamot oil. The bergamot orange is a citrus fruit and imparts a flavor that can be described as orange and lemon with subtle notes of grapefruit and lime as well.

Earl Grey Tea Varieties

Earl Grey Tea varieties are not limited to just bergamot oil and a black tea base. We have a wide variety that includes: Fancy Lavender Earl GreyVanilla Creme Earl Grey and Vanilla Creme Earl Grey Rooibos.

Earl Grey Tea Recipes

Make the traditional London Fog by simply following our London Fog recipe (this recipe can be used with all of our Earl Grey teas but we feature our Lavender Earl Grey). And if you prefer iced tea, try our Earl Grey Creamy Berry Refresher for that perfect summer cool down.

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