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One of our most popular breakfast teas, our English Breakfast is a mildly robust blend of Chinese Keemun and Ceylon black teas. We classify this as mildly robust when compared to our other hand blended breakfast teas, Irish and Scottish, as those are a bit heartier. Still, our English Breakfast is enjoyed by many of our customers throughout the day due to the perfect pairing of the black teas that hold up well to milk and leave just a hint of honey on the palate.

Steeping Instructions: 1-1.5 tsp, Boiling Water, 3-5 Minutes

Ingredients: Sri Lankan and Chinese Black Teas

Fun Facts or Useless Information…You Decide:

The blend we know as English breakfast tea is in fact thought to have been the creation of a Scottish tea master named Drysdale, who in 1892 saw the need for a stronger flavored tea – what he called an ‘eye-opener’ – to cut through the heaviness of the average breakfast. The breakfast blend was tasted and admired by Queen Victoria during a stay at Balmoral. She subsequently brought a stash back to London with her, where it was controversially renamed ‘English breakfast tea’.

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