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Breakfast Blends & Earl Greys

Earl Grey loose leaf tea and Breakfast loose leaf teas are, by a wide margin, the most popular and widely consumed tea types throughout the world.

Earl Grey loose leaf tea is the most popular and has been for almost two hundred years. Earl Grey is a black tea that is flavored with bergamot orange oil. Although the factual history of Earl Grey is a bit unclear, it is believed to have been accidentally invented when a shipment of Chinese black tea and bergamot oranges were shipped together, thus allowing the tea leaves, which are prone to absorbing the flavors and aromas of their surroundings, to naturally absorb the flavor and scent of the oranges.

Breakfast teas are the next most popular tea variety and pre-date Earl Grey. Although there are many breakfast tea flavor varieties on the market today, there are three primary breakfast teas that loyal drinkers return to day after day: English Breakfast Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea and Scottish Breakfast Tea.

Our Earl Grey and breakfast teas are carefully selected and we handcraft our breakfast blends ourselves. We micro-blend and package small batches assuring you get the best loose leaf tea from each harvest.

At The Spice & Tea Shoppe we never compromise on quality and strive to offer you only the best loose leaf tea because we feel you deserve it.