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Yerba Mate

We’re going to be very candid in answering, “what is mate tea?”

Yerba Mate is … definitely … an acquired taste and even though it is a South American herb, don’t confuse it with traditional herbal tea because Yerba Mate has LOTS of caffeine (on par with coffee).

Mate tea is going to be bitter to the new drinker, so we have flavored options like Coconut Blast and Caramel Mate, and it will take some getting used to, however, eventually your palate will evolve, and you will experience subtle notes of lemon, chocolate and perhaps even honey.

Oh yeah, have we mentioned the caffeine? Mate tea does not provide the same jolt of caffeine that coffee or espresso does BUT it lasts longer in your system without the coffee or espresso crash! Yes, you will go faster for longer!