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Northwest Salmon Rub

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What is Northwest Salmon Rub?

Our Northwest Salmon Rub is a culinary treasure inspired by the bountiful waters of the Pacific Northwest. This exquisite blend combines the richness of smoky flavors with a hint of tangy sweetness. The aroma is a tantalizing mix of aromatic herbs and spices, evoking images of fresh salmon sizzling on a grill. For an extraordinary flavor, use cedar grilling planks for grilling.

Suggested Uses:
  • Sprinkle Northwest Salmon Rub generously on salmon fillets for a mouthwatering, perfectly seasoned seafood experience.
  • Use it as a dry rub for grilled shrimp or other types of fish to infuse them with the distinctive flavors of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Add a dash of Northwest Salmon Rub to creamy sauces or dressings for a delightful twist.
  • Create a flavorful marinade by combining Northwest Salmon Rub with lemon juice, olive oil, and a touch of honey.
  • Sprinkle it on roasted vegetables or potatoes to give them a unique and savory kick.
  • Recipe: Baked Salmon - Pacific Northwest Style
Useful Facts:
  • Our Northwest Salmon Rub combines premium ingredients, including smoked paprika, garlic and brown sugar, for a harmonious blend of flavors.
  • The smoky and tangy profile of this rub is reminiscent of the traditional flavors found in Pacific Northwest cuisine.
  • Northwest Salmon Rub adds depth and complexity to your dishes, elevating them to new culinary heights.


Spice Jar and Refill Bag NET WT 2.3 oz. (65g)

Spice Lovers Size NET WT 9.2 oz. (260g)

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Paprika, Garlic, Black Pepper, Chile Peppers, Onion, Coriander, Mustard, Lemon Peel, Rice Hulls (as an anti-caking agent)

Contains: Mustard

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2 Reviews

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    Northwest Salmon Rub

    Published by Amanda W on Oct 5th 2021

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the spice mixtures and the teas. Highly recommend the Northwest Salmon Rub to my family and friends.

  • 5

    Published by Christian on Apr 7th 2021

    This is perfect for salmon and I always gift it to family that hasn't tried it yet. I also use the Lemon and Dill seasoning on my salmon but Northwest Salmon Rub is still my #1

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