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Spanish Adobo (Sazon) Seasoning

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What is Spanish Adobo Seasoning?

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Spain with our authentic Spanish Adobo Seasoning. This aromatic blend captures the essence of Spanish cuisine, infusing your dishes with a tantalizing combination of spices. It boasts a bold and smoky flavor profile, complemented by hints of warmth and earthiness. The inviting aroma will transport you to the sunny streets of Spain.

Suggested Uses:
  • Rub Spanish Adobo Seasoning onto meats, such as chicken, pork, or beef, before grilling or roasting for a deliciously seasoned and charred exterior.
  • Sprinkle Spanish Adobo Seasoning on roasted vegetables or potatoes to add a zesty kick.
  • Use Spanish Adobo Seasoning as a flavorful marinade by combining it with olive oil, citrus juice, and herbs.
  • Enhance the flavor of soups, stews, and rice dishes with a dash of Spanish Adobo Seasoning.
  • Add a Spanish twist to your favorite dips, dressings, or salsas by incorporating a pinch of this bold seasoning blend.
  • Related Recipe - Arroz con Pollo- Chicken with Adobo
Useful Facts:
  • Our Spanish Adobo Seasoning is a carefully crafted blend of traditional spices used in Spanish cuisine, such as paprika, garlic, cumin, and oregano.
  • The smoky and savory profile of Spanish Adobo Seasoning is reminiscent of the traditional adobo marinade popular in Spanish cooking.
  • Spanish Adobo Seasoning brings depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes, making it a versatile staple in your pantry.


Refill Bag NET WT 2.4 oz. (68g)

Spice Lovers Size NET WT 9.6 oz. (272g)

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Chile Powder, Black Pepper, Oregano, Cumin, Thyme

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    Excellent all-purpose sazón

    Published by Hope D. on Nov 11th 2021

    I have been looking for a sazón without MSG (MSG gives me headaches) and was super happy to finally find this. It is fantastic!

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