Asia Pacific

WORLD REGIONS - Asia Pacific - Central & South Asia, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Australia & Oceania

This vast region offers a captivating fusion of diverse cultures, ancient traditions, and an abundance of aromatic spices and teas. Central & South Asia, with countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, boasts a rich tapestry of flavors. The region is renowned for its vibrant curries, aromatic biryanis, and tantalizing spice blends like garam masala and curry powder. Northeastern Asia captivates with its unique culinary heritage. Countries such as China, Japan, and Korea offer a diverse range of flavors and cooking techniques. Southeastern Asia encompasses countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, each offering a distinctive culinary experience. The cuisine here is a harmonious blend of fresh herbs, vibrant spices, and tropical fruits. Australia and Oceania present a unique culinary landscape, shaped by its indigenous heritage and multicultural influences of Asian and European flavors to create a fascinating fusion cuisine.