Olive Oils

What sets our olive oils apart from our competitors?

We differentiate ourselves by establishing direct partnerships with orchard owners and obtaining certification from the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). California, known for its stringent standards in extra virgin olive oil, ensures that our COOC-certified olive oils have passed rigorous quality assurance testing and are 100% California grown. When you see the COOC Seal on our products, it serves as a guarantee of freshness and truth in labeling.

Why is California Olive Oil Council certification important?

COOC certification holds significant importance for several reasons. It provides assurance of olive oil quality through strict guidelines on acidity levels, sensory characteristics, and chemical composition. This assurance builds consumer confidence, enabling informed decisions and purchases of genuine, high-quality products. Furthermore, COOC certification ensures traceability and transparency throughout the production process, minimizing the risk of fraud and mislabeling. By maintaining quality standards, building consumer trust, supporting local producers, and promoting industry education and advocacy, the COOC certification program contributes to the overall integrity of the olive oil industry.

Why is a direct partnership important?

Establishing direct partnerships with orchard owners is crucial for ensuring the freshest and highest quality olive oils from each harvest. By removing intermediaries from the supply chain, we eliminate the possibility of undisclosed blending or mixing of inferior olive oils, preserving the purity and quality of our products. This direct relationship guarantees that our olive oils maintain their exceptional standards without compromising their integrity.

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