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Black Teas

Black loose leaf tea is allowed to oxidize more completely than all other types of loose leaf tea. Black loose leaf tea usually offers the strongest flavors and, in some cases, the greatest astringency. Black teas are the only style of tea regularly consumed with milk and sugar (though some dark Oolong drinkers may disagree) and are the most popular bases for iced tea.

Famous black loose leaf teas include, Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, Tea, Keemun, Assam, Yunnan and Darjeeling.

Our black loose leaf teas are carefully selected and hand-crafted by tea masters. We micro-blend and package small batches assuring you get the best loose leaf tea from each harvest.

At The Spice & Tea Shoppe we never compromise on quality and strive to offer you only the best loose leaf tea because we feel you deserve it.