Breakfast Tea

What is Breakfast Tea?

Kickstart your mornings with the ultimate indulgence – any one of our exquisite Breakfast Teas. Crafted with the finest tea leaves, these robust blends are carefully curated to provide a bold and invigorating experience. It's the perfect companion to awaken your senses and fuel your day.

Aromas and Flavors:
  • English Breakfast - The lightest of our breakfast teas, yet still strong enough to stand with cream and sugar. A smooth all day drinking tea.
  • Irish Breakfast - Bolder than the English Breakfast but just as balanced. Smooth and well-rounded.
  • Scottish Breakfast - Is the most robust Breakfast Tea that we blend. Well-rounded and capable of starting your day in high gear.
  • Afternoon Blend - Our most delicate and sophisticated blend. Smooth with natural honey notes. Of course, it is perfect for afternoon tea.
Pairing Possibilities:
  • Enjoy with any of our tea cookies.
  • Dive into a flaky croissant or a freshly baked scone, perfectly accompanied by clotted cream.
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