• Anise Biscotti

    Anise Biscotti

    Though modern biscotti are associated with the Tuscan region of Italy, the popular Italian cookie traces its origins to Roman times. The word biscotto derives from “bis,” Latin for twice, and “coctum” or baked (which became...

  • Boozy Rum Cake

    Boozy Rum Cake

    Great as a traditional holiday cake but yummy any time of the year. I have substituted a number of different types of liquor throughout the years including vanilla and maple flavored whiskeys as well as almond, orange and coffee liqueurs...

  • Candy Cane Fudge

    Candy Cane Fudge

    Ingredients: 1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk 1 cup dark chocolate chips1 cup premium white chocolate chips 1/2 teaspoon Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Vanilla Extract1/4 teaspoon Peppermint Extract1/3 cup crushed candy canes...

  • Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    Ingredients: 2 1/3 cups all-purpose flour2 tsp baking powder1/2 tsp Kosher Flake Sea Salt2 cups granulated sugar3/4 cup vegetable oil1 cup Light Cocoa Powder 4 large eggs2 tsp Madagascar "Bourbon Islands" Vanilla Extract3/4 cup powdered...

  • Cola De Mondo- Chilean Christmas Cocktail

    Cola De Mondo- Chilean Christmas Cocktail

    Cola de Mono or Colemono is a popular Chilean cocktail prepared with milk, sugar, coffee, cloves, cinnamon and brandy that is served during Christmas and New Year and it is similar to a White Russian. Although there are many versions of this drink, it...

  • Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

    Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

    Orange and Cranberry are such wonderful flavors, especially during the winter and holiday months. The sweetness of the cake contrasts nicely with the tartness of the fresh berries, and the icing on the cake is a sweet orange glaze that puts this stunning...

  • Maple Pecan Glazed Cookies

    Maple Pecan Glazed Cookies

    Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened3/4 cup sugar3/4 cup packed brown sugar2 large eggs, room temperature1 teaspoon Maple Extract2-1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon Kosher Flake Sea Salt2 cups white baking chips1 cup chopped...

  • Roasted Balsamic Root Vegetables

    Roasted Balsamic Root Vegetables

    Ingredients: 3 medium carrots , cut into 1 inch pieces1 large parsnip , cut into 1 inch pieces1 rutabaga , peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces1 red onion , peeled and cut into eighths2 tablespoons Cask Aged 5 Year Balsamic Vinegar1...

  • Sweet Spiced Nuts Sweet Spiced Nuts

    Sweet Spiced Nuts

    Year over year this has been one of our most requested recipes for holiday gift giving. Fun and easy to make in large batches and tied with festive bow your friends, neighbors and co-workers are sure to love these. Or keep them all for yourself, we wont...

  • Trinity of Roast Potatoes

    Trinity of Roast Potatoes

    Ingredients: 2 1/2 lbs. sweet potatoes peeled, cut into 3/4-inch pieces 2 lbs. Yams peeled, cut into 3/4-inch pieces 3 lbs Yukon gold potatoes peeled, cut into 3/4-inch pieces 1/4 cup butter melted1/4 cup olive oil 2 Tablespoons mixed dried herbs such...

  • Turkey Breast with Rosemary Gravy

    Turkey Breast with Rosemary Gravy

    A bit simpler approach to a holiday meal. This recipe can be sized up to a full turkey for a crowd and works well for a smaller intimate gathering using a turkey breast. Ingredients:  1 large Turkey breast, keep skin on for moisture1 teaspoon...