All About Paprika, Simple Yet Complex.

California Paprika, Hungarian Paprika, Spanish Paprika, Pimentón de la Vera Paprika and even the hard-to-find Piment D' Espelette. No wonder we often hear our customers remark “I had no idea there were so many types of paprika”. And yes, the world of Paprika can be surprisingly complex when you dig into it.

Paprika is simply crushed dried chiles (the tame kind) and primarily comes in three varieties Californian, Hungarian and Spanish.

California varieties are primarily used for their deep dark red colors and mild flavor profile. Hungarian paprika tends to be a bit more orange than red but with significant flavor. Commonly, Hungarian paprika tends to be a bit sweeter and never (or very rarely) smoked as it does not hold up well during the smoking process. Spanish paprika, also called Pimentón, comes in a variety of heat levels. Spanish paprika is commonly smoked over oak wood delivering a deep intense flavor perfect for dishes in which you want a “grilled” flavor.

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