White Teas

White Tea Facts

White loose leaf tea is the most minimally processed tea of all the loose leaf varieties. As soon as the leaves, also known as buds, are plucked they are allowed to naturally wither and air dry in the sun or in a controlled indoor-outdoor facility. Minimal oxidation naturally occurs during this process, but far less than what is typical for black teas, and it is because of this that white loose leaf teas have a much more delicate and softer flavor profile.

White Tea Origins & Varieties

White teas are cultivated in many of the same growing regions as their black tea and green tea counter parts with China producing the most on an annual basis. Famous white loose leaf teas include Peony and Shou Mei.

White Tea Brewing Temperature & Time

White teas are the most delicate of all loose leaf teas and require cool temperatures of 160° to 175° Fahrenheit and quick steeping times from 1-3 minutes.

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