• Apple Cider Sangria

    Apple Cider Sangria

    This fragrant Apple Cider Sangria is a beautiful cocktail that’s perfect for fall. Serve this seasonal crowd pleaser at your next holiday party. It makes entertaining easy as you can have several pitchers at the ready and guests can serve...

  • Authentic Thai Tea Preparation

    Authentic Thai Tea Preparation

    Ingredients: 2 tablespoons The Spice & Tea Shoppe's Thai Tea Blend1 cup boiling water2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon almond extract (optional)2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk 2 tablespoons whole milk, half and half, coconut milk,...

  • Bold Bloody Mary

    Bold Bloody Mary

    Ingredients:  8 ounces tomato juice¼ to ½ tsp. or more to taste, Bloody Mary Seasoning1/8 teaspoon, or more to taste, Scorpion Pepper Sea Salt to rim glass and add extra heatVodka – you decide how much but I suggest a standard...

  • Chamomile and Lavender Infused Honey

    Chamomile and Lavender Infused Honey

    Sweet golden honey infused with chamomile and lavender is excellent to sweeten your favorite tea or sooth a scratchy throat.  Ingredients: 1/4 cup dried Egyptian Chamomile 1/4 cup dried French Lavender 1 cup honey Directions: In a...

  • Chamomile, Honey and Whiskey Cocktail

    Chamomile, Honey and Whiskey Cocktail

    Ingredients:   3 tablespoons loose chamomile tea 16 fluid ounces hot water2 tablespoons honey or 1 tablespoon honey powder3 fluid ounces whiskey or bourbon2 orange slices3 lemon slices Directions: Bring water to a boil, place chamomile tea...

  • Cocktail Bitters

    Cocktail Bitters

    Bitters are to cocktails as salt and spices are to foods. This apothecary staple was first marketed in the 1700s as a remedy for common ailments such as digestion irregularities. Medicinal herbs and botanicals were preserved in alcohol and touted as...