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  • Savory Herb Stuffing with Sausage, Apples & Nuts

    Savory Herb Stuffing with Sausage, Apples & Nuts

    Ingredients: 1 lb. maple sausage4 cups diced Granny Smith Apples3 celery ribs2 onions chopped1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter2-3 cups chicken broth or more for moister stuffing10-12 cups dried bread cubes1 Tablespoon Poultry Stuffing and Seasoning Blend1/3...

  • Turkey Brining & Roasting Guide

    Thanksgiving Turkey Brining & Roasting Guide

    So many of you have had questions about how I do my Thanksgiving turkey that I broke it down step by step at your requests. This is just what I do and have had excellent results every year. As with all things - do what makes you happy. Weekend...