Basil and Garlic Aioli

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The art of infusing olive oil with aromatic herbs like basil dates back centuries, rooted in the culinary traditions of Mediterranean regions. In ancient times, olive oil was treasured for its rich flavor and numerous health benefits, often infused with herbs to enhance its taste and nutritional value. The practice of creating flavored oils and dressings has since evolved, inspiring innovative combinations that elevate modern dishes to new heights of indulgence. Our Basil-Infused Mayonnaise recipe begins with premium Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which infuses the mayonnaise base with its distinct herbal essence. The addition of California Basil and garlic powder lends a delightful aromatic profile, while a pinch of Kosher Sea Salt Flakes enhances the overall taste. is a versatile condiment that offers a multitude of uses. Spread it lavishly on sandwiches, adding a gourmet touch to your favorite lunchtime delights. Excellent on roasted vegetables and artichokes. Use it as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables or as a delectable topping for appetizers at your gatherings, or use fore a delicious pasta salad.


1 tablespoon Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 teaspoon dried California Basil
1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 cup Mayonnaise
Ground French Peppercorn Blend
1 pinch Kosher Flake Sea Salt 


Heat a small saucepan over low heat.

Add the olive oil and heat for just 30 seconds before removing the pan from heat.

Add basil, garlic, salt, and pepper to the oil and let it cool at room temperature.

When the oil is cool, mix in the mayonnaise and transfer the mixture to an airtight container.

Store the basil-infused mayonnaise in the refrigerator for use on sandwiches, salads, and dips.

Enjoy the flavorful goodness of this basil-infused mayonnaise, adding a touch of sophistication to your favorite dishes. Its versatility makes it a great addition to various recipes. Keep this homemade dressing ready in your refrigerator for quick and delicious meal enhancements!



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