Turmeric Whipped Honey

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Indulge in the beauty of good health with our turmeric and wildflower honey spread. The vibrant combination of deep yellow turmeric and golden yellow honey is both a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. When paired with wildflower honey, the pungent flavor of turmeric is softened, creating a delicious spread that not only tastes good but is also good for you. With a rich and creamy texture, it's perfect for spreading on fresh bread or crackers, adding to sautéed vegetables, bean, or rice dishes, or brushing onto pan-seared chicken, pork chops and roasted lamb. Whether you are looking to add some flavor to your meals or looking for a healthier alternative to traditional spreads, our turmeric and wildflower honey spread is the perfect choice.

Net Wt. 9 oz. (255g)

Ingredients: 100 % Pure honey, spices

Warning: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age.

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