Gift Sets

Our Gift Sets are designed to please the gourmet enthusiast, the family chef, the serial griller, the curry lover, the salt fanatic and the I don't even have a spice rack people in your life. Let The Spice & Tea Shoppe make your life easier because we have gifts for everyone on your list.

The ingredients in our gift sets are all handcrafted, micro-blended and immediately packaged for freshness. At The Spice & Tea Shoppe we never compromise on quality and strive to offer you only the best Spices and Herbs because we feel you deserve them.

  • Bold Smokehouse Collection

    Bold Smokehouse Collection

    This is our ultimate collection for those who love to smoke beef, pork and chicken. The collection includes our 3 most popular smokehouse rubs as well as 4 smoked salts and is guaranteed to please the discerning BBQ Master. Share a meal with friends and...

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  • Curry Lovers Spice Gift Set

    Our Curry Lovers Gift Set is sure to delight anyone that likes to spice things up in the kitchen with complex flavors and spices from around the world. Curry is often confused as being a single spice but is a blend of many different spices specific to...

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  • Essential Kitchen Collection

    Essential Kitchen Collection

    A well-stocked spice cabinet is essential to great cooking: With the right staples, you can take advantage of fresh healthy foods and try a new recipe without having to scout out every last ingredient saving you time and money. So prepare a delicious...

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  • Flaming Hot Sea Salt Set

    Our Flaming Hot Sea Salt Gift Set combines five of our most popular scorchers. We believe the perfect kind of heat is one that strikes a balance between flavor and fear! Set Includes: Chipotle Sea Salt - Net Wt 1 oz (28g) Ghost Pepper Seat Salt -...

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  • La Cocina Latina

    La Cocina Latina

    Our La Cocina Latina or “Latin Kitchen” gift set is a collection of blends used in traditional Mexican, Cuban, Argentinian and Brazilian cuisines. This “buena orda”, or friendly mixture of spices is sure to please and as we invite...

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  • Luxury Finishing Salts Set

    Luxury Finishing Salts Set

    Our Luxury Finishing Salt set combines four of the most decadent salts available for the serious gourmet. Perfect for finishing meat, seafood, vegetables & pasta with the intoxicating, earthy aroma of black &white truffles to the finest French...

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  • Mediterranean Medley

    Mediterranean Medley

    The traditional Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes the importance of people eating healthfully together among family and friends. We have assembled five of our customers favorite Mediterranean blends together and encourage you to share a table with those...

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  • Serial Griller

    Serial Griller

    Bring the four famous U.S. regional barbecue styles to your backyard grill with our Serial Griller collection. We proudly hand blend each dry rub with special attention to regional authenticity. Share a meal with friends and family and share in our...

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  • Smoked Sea Salt Set

    Our Smoked Sea Salt Gift Set combines five fabulous smoked sea salts perfect as a dry rub for meats & chicken, toppings for popcorn, sweet treats, potatoes, pastas and even cocktails! All of our smoked salts are cold smoked with untreated...

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