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Black Olive Tapenade

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Olive Tapenade is an Italian dark brown spread made with finely chopped olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt. This is a simple, versatile tapenade which preserves the rich flavor of olives and brings out a typical Mediterranean scent and aroma.

Spread on warm focaccia or toasted slices of baguette, it can be the smartest ingredient for creating wonderful appetizer. You can also make a fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich adding some olive tapenade spread and some grilled cheese. Try it mixed with mayonnaise on your next roast beef or turkey sandwich. Mix into butter and rub on corn before grilling., drizzle over Caprese salad or bake olive bread incorporating this spread into the dough. Spread over an omelette or spread a thin layer in your lasagna for a twist on a classic. Add to your salads mixing with extra virgin olive oil and obtaining a flavorful vinaigrette.

Ingredients: Black Olives, salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, marjoram, acidity regulator: lactic acid. 

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